Our Alright Junior family would like to invite you to support Histiocytosis Awareness Month

Our Alright Junior family would like to invite you to support Histiocytosis Awareness Month

Please check out the following page, www.facebook.com/histio and support their cause by reading the material, donating to the Histiocytosis Association, attending an event or simply just ‘LIKE’ the page. Histiocytosis is a general name for a group of syndromes that involve an abnormal increase in the number of immune cells called histiocytes.

This is a cause that is very near and dear to the Alright Junior Family and we would encourage everyone to educate one another. Please feel free to share these links with all of your friends and support a Histio Warrior! We support our Histio Warrior with our new profile pic. Stay Strong CJ; we got this!”

Cheers and Best Regards,

Jace, Mike, and Greg – the gentlemen of Alright Junior

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