NYC Love

Little blog post about our arlene’s show in NYC

Monday, April 26, 2010

 Still, my best discovery of a new music haven this time was tucked away in the innards of New York’s Lower East side. Make that the grittier side of the Lower East, not far from the Bowery. The spot I’m talking about is called Arlene’s Grocery. Don’t let the name fool you because at Arlene’s you won’t get your normal grocery unless in your lexicon that word means only cold beer or other alcoholic libations. With pints and glasses of those, Arlene’s serves up massive helpings of daily live sets by up and coming bands—local as well as from other parts of the States. On the two days that I hit Arlene’s, there were a total of seven bands playing—every one of them good.

Arlene’s is known as a live music joint where A&R representatives from (usually) indie record labels sniff around looking for new talent. But not all the bands that play are unsigned and new. Philadelphia’s Alright Junior have a couple of records, including a new EP, out. They play upbeat wild, unbridled rock accompanied by so much on-stage action that it is difficult not to get excited by them. I won’t be surprised if you hear more about their frontman and vocalist whose excellent vocal range matches his ebullient showmanship.