Big thanks to WXPN & The Key for the review & write up on the new EP, Inhibition, just released!

Big thanks to WXPN & The Key for the review & write up on the new EP, Inhibition, that was just released!

AJ E Factory Roof (Blk&Wht)

A very heartfelt thank you goes out to WXPN, The Key, Chad Snyder, & John Vettese, for the support and write up here! It’s beyond appreciated, indeed 🙂

“If you’re one of the 90s kids on my Facebook feed mourning the death of the golden era of rock music, you’re just not looking in the right places. Red-blooded alt-rock is alive and well, and Philadelphia’s Alright Junior is a prime example of that. Inhibition is the extended play follow-up to long player Amusia, and for fans of the genre, it’s pure, uninhibited ear-candy.

From the first syllable of opening track “Over You Over Me”, you know Inhibition is all about. If minor keys, heartbreak, and loud/soft dynamics aren’t your thing, then just turn around now. If they are, though, then there’s a lot for you to like here. “Out at Sea” is a lively, Queens of the Stone Age-esque rocker, while “Hold On To My Breath Again” and “Into The Sun” are spacious, slow burning rockers that bloom in the back half. The highlight of the set is definitely “In Pain”, which condenses all the hard-rocking attitude of the EP into a battle cry of “I’m in pain!”

Inhibition is available for streaming and purchase now via Alright Junior’s Bandcamp. If you want to catch the band live and support a good cause while you’re doing it, you can catch them on November 25th at Ortileb’s for their Chords For A Cure fundraiser. For three years running, the event has raised money for the Histiocystosis Association, featuring a variety of artists performing in a special, unplugged format.” – Chad Snyder, WXPN, The Key

Cheers & Best,

Jace, Mike, & Jamie – the gentlemen of Alright Junior