Big Blue Meenie, Jersey City NJ

Big Blue Meenie, Jersey City NJ

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What can we say about Big Blue Meenie? What an unbelievable 2 weeks. “Our Temporary Everything” was built through 6 days of tracking, 6 days of mixing. This is the first time I’ve ever recorded analog to tape (see reel to reel below) and the results speak for themselves. Kevin Neaton guided us through the first 3 days which consisted of drums and bass in Studio B. Tweaking mic placements, dialing in Bass tones, making Greg feel like the greek god of thunder that he truly is.

Matt “Dasher” Messenger picked things up in Studio C with several days of guitar and vocals. We blasted a pair of fender fat strats through jace’s old 5150 and a mean 1980’s Mesa.

Mixing happened in Studio A with Tim Gilles and Kevin Neaton on the bridge of a small spaceship. Now i know what working with the best in the business sounds like.

Thanks to Jeff Canas for his engineering work, intern Debris for his help and drunken humor and Rumba cafe for some badass empanadas. And of course Nene for keeping us in line 🙂