"When first you hear Alright, Junior, you may be intangibly tossed into a back in da day vortex, liberating early 90s grunge rock n’ roll, lathered in crippling Smashing Pumpkins riffs and caliginous Alice in Chains vocals. They have endurance, there’s no doubt in that, extolling their engendered appreciation for the last “good” era of rock music with all the spasmodic moves of an undomesticated bronco." (Origivation Spring 2007)

Alright Junior has a desire to communicate their collective internal focus. Playing over 350 shows in the past 5 years, covering a vast amount of area in the USA, Alright, Junior. is keen on constantly being on the go, as this band's live show is what defines them.

When formed in the city of Philadelphia, Pa, their debut album, "Eudaemonic" (distributed by ADA Warner Music Group), was released... right away putting the project on the map. The material was soon being spread along by radio stations in the area and beyond, including the songs, "Up In Flames" and "Sinner of the State".

In 2009, the group began working with Big Blue Meenie Recording Studios (Rage Against The Machine, INXS, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Lifetime) in Jersey City, NJ, spearheaded by mastermind, Tim "Rumblefish" Gilles. Alan Douches from West West Side Music (The Misfits, Dillinger Escape Plan, Alkaline Trio, Ben Folds Five, Hot Water Music) in New Windsor, NY, applied his mastering expertise. Finishing their sophomore recording, a five (5) song EP named, "Our Temporary Everything", their single, "Fish vs. Ambulance" achieved regular radio airplay, along with "Minds Built Like Rome", drawing attention to a larger audience. This also brought tv appearance opportunities involving both ABC and NBC, which sent their newer videos to grow in views.

In 2011, the band went back to Big Blue Meenie and West West Side to expand with a third recording, entitled, "Scratching at the Ceiling", which was released in April of that year. Shortly after, the track, "Burn" continued the band's momentum, having played it live in studio during their 2nd appearance at Radio 104.5 WRFF.

Alright, Junior. believes in genuine passion and hard work to achieve the goals in sight; 2011 proved a big year for AJ opening for bands such as Young the Giant, Circa Survive, Maps & Atlases, Sleeper Agent, and Violent Soho. AJ is now writing new music for another release to be announced within the beginning of 2012.

The band remains true to its hometown roots, as well as it’s adopted home in Philly. Jace Garyt Miller (Trevose, Pa), Mike Fraclose (Toms River, NJ), Steve DeMeo (Kingston, NH), and Greg Jovanovich (Delran, NJ), collectively make up Alright, Junior.


Jace Miller - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Steve DeMeo - Vocals/Guitar

Greg Jovanovich - Bass

Mike Fraclose - Drums


LP - Eudaemonic (Feburary 2007 ) Slugfest Records, re-released nationally ADAWarner Music Group (July 2008) -Engineered by Kevin Wesley Williams

           Mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound, NYC

EP - Our Temporary Everything (June 2009) Independent

        Engineered by Kevin Neaton, Matt Mesenger and Jeff Canas/Mixed by Kevin Neaton with Tim Gilles at     Big Blue Meenie, Jersey City NJ   

        Mastered by Alan Douches at Westwestside Music, NY

SINGLE - Burn (Unplugged live on air Radio 104.5 Philadelphia) (October 2010), Independent 

EP- Scratching at The Ceiling. (March 2011)

       Engineered by Noz, Debris and Jeff Canas/Mixed by Matt Mesenger with Tim Gilles at Big Blue          Meenie, Jersey City NJ   

        Mastered by Alan Douches at Westwestside Music, NY